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Our passion for cosplay was born out of Marvel and DC comics. We've been great fans for some years and were really impressed by some characters.Wonder women character excited us to a point we started cosplay appearances in parties and events with different themes.There are many cosplayers out there trying to portray a perfect image of their favorite characters and we want to help them.
We're touched by this simple experience and we decided  to come up with a costume website as a special dedication to all cosplayers.
Together we endeavor to build a community of cosplay enthusiasts. Becosplayer.com brings us together under one roof and this is especially important to help us share our cosplay inspirations.   

We are making efforts to customize ideal costumes for our  cosplayers, and make them close to the original character .It's our sincere hope that you'll find our costumes the most suitable to portray your favorite movie character or Halloween outfit. Whatever inspires you as a cosplayer, we'll be happier if our homemade costumes puts a smile on you and everyone around you.

To cater for most cosplayer's individual flavor, we've featured the most popular movies and events. From Halloween to Christmas, Black Panther, Disney, superheroes, spiderman, Superman, and  of course our favorite Marvel and DC comics, and much more to match your style.  
Our focus isn't only to have the ideal cosplay costumes for our customers, but also create lasting joyful memories. And while we look forward to providing you with a one-stop shop for all your costume needs, we want to give you a unique shopping experience.




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